About Muvin

The Muvin is the concretion of the desire to provide health and leisure, through industrialization and commercialization of products for the sports and exercises. Born from the Seller, a company known in the paper market and craft, which has positive role in education and was looking for a new market to expand. Because of this, the intention to bring benefits to society is something that is grounded in Muvin.

By deriving the Seller, a company already consolidated, born with great service structure and resourcefulness, items that have made it strong and gave the consolidation of partnerships since its founding.

The company began in 2011, when started market research seeking to develop products that would compose the line, as well as suppliers, both national and international.

With this, four areas were created products to be worked initially, and they Acqua lines, Combat, Fitness and Health. The line is based on Acqua products for swimming, as swimsuits, swimwear, sunglasses, caps and guards for swimming, boards and other items for gymnastics activities. The line has Fight Boxing and MMA gloves, mats and protective items to practice fighting and martial arts. Line Fitness, among other items, bring jump ropes, steps and handgrips. Finally, the Health line is composed of balls, Pilates, Yoga mats and other items used in these activities.

Despite being a new company, Muvin takes advantage of the experience gained with the Seller to provide a good service and start its activities offering an enviable line of products with quality and innovation. All this without losing the entrepreneurial spirit of a company that is starting, but, like any good athlete, arrives to overcome the limits and be more present in the sports of many brazilians.

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